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Emergency Solar Management

Emergency Solar Management

Yes, there are changes to electrical wiring for meter control only. Please refer to the Distribution Customer Connection Requirements and the video below

Customers not eligible for Synergy DEBS or REBS are excluded from Emergency Solar Management control requirements. 

Licensed electricians are required to do this work. They have the skill and ability to review an electrical installation and where necessary access electrical switchboards to determine required work. It is illegal for unqualified workers to perform electrical work.

There's no cost to the customer for the dual element meter unit. The cost for solar installation with meter control method depends on site conditions.

As outline in the Distribution Customer Connection Requirements, the following choices are available for meter control where single phase export limiting or energy monitoring are provided as an option:

  • Monitoring measures load only.
  • Monitoring measures the net load and generation.

All installations must comply with the Basic EG Connection Technical Requirements and the manufacturer’s requirements.

We’ve created training assets to assist solar installers prepare the site for Western Power:

Requirements: Distribution Customer Connection Requirements

Webinar: Meter Control Method

Solar installer wiring training

Western Power will not switch the inverter system on but will leave a ‘Meter Service Work’ card in the letter box after the work has been completed. The electricity retailer will email the electricity account holder when they can start the system and commence generating.