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Community batteries

The PowerBank battery is being used in our community battery trials with Synergy, where in selected areas participants can store excess energy and then draw on it when needed to power their homes. PowerBank is the name of the battery we’re using. A community battery is another battery storage solution, however households who have access to one can only send their excess solar energy to the battery to support the grid, not draw energy from it.

A community battery is a shared neighbourhood battery solution that supports the grid by improving power reliability and smoothing power flow in a local area to enable further uptake of rooftop solar. Currently, a community battery doesn’t allow for individual storage (meaning you can’t draw on it to power your home when you’re not generating any solar energy) unless it is a PowerBank battery.

A PowerBank is a type of community battery, situated in a local area, that is shared by eligible customers who generate solar energy. Each PowerBank customer has a storage capacity of 6kwh or 8kwh.

We currently have PowerBank batteries running in Meadow Springs, Falcon and Ellenbrook. These are in partnership with Synergy.

Customers are allocated virtual storage in the PowerBank battery. As their solar panels generate solar power during the day, they can automatically store up to 6kwh or 8kwh of excess or unused power in the battery.

From 3pm to midnight – when grid energy use is generally at its peak – households can draw energy back from the battery to power up their homes. At midnight, any excess power still in the battery is returned to the grid, with the householder paid the standard feed-in tariff.

This solution has no upfront costs or lock-in contracts. It’s around 30% cheaper than buying a battery for your home (over the course of the battery’s lifespan).  A home battery system generally costs  between $8,000 to $13,000. 

Having access to a PowerBank battery, means you avoid spending years locked into a contract paying off an in-home battery. You get the right size battery for your needs and, as its virtual, don’t need to find extra space in the garage to set the battery up.

This solution is also better for our grid. The grid powers our hospitals, schools, homes and infrastructure, so... Read more

It depends on your situation. If you were looking to install an in-home battery, yes. This solution is approximately 30% cheaper than buying and installing your own battery. It may even save you money on your overall power bill Synergy manages all billing for our residential customers.

  1. City of Mandurah, Meadow Springs – PowerBank battery
  2. City of Mandurah, Falcon – PowerBank battery
  3. City of Swan, Ellenbrook #1 – PowerBank battery
  4. City of Swan, Ellenbrook #2 – PowerBank battery
  5. City of Wanneroo, Two Rocks – PowerBank battery
  6. City of Wanneroo, Ashby - PowerBank battery
  7. City of Canning, Canning Vale - PowerBank battery
  8. City of Rockingham, Port Kennedy - PowerBank battery
  9. City of Stirling, Yokine - PowerBank battery
  10. City of Kwinana, Parmelia - PowerBank battery
  11. City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Kalgoorlie-Boulder - PowerBank battery
  12. City of Busselton, Vasse - PowerBank battery
  13. Shire of (5 year trial)... Read more

Although community batteries benefit the entire community (whether customers in the area have rooftop solar panels or not) they don’t currently allow for individual energy storage. But there is potential in the future.

The PowerBank battery, in partnership with Synergy, is part of our community battery program and does allow for individual energy storage.

Once the PowerBank battery is installed, we identify suitable customers within the local government area and we invite them to sign up and pay subscription fee, currently $1.60-$1.90 per day. Battery storage like this is not suitable for... Read more

In partnership with Synergy, we recruit for people to be involved in each trial, based on what we know about the type of household the community battery suits. We will be in touch if we think your household is suitable for an upcoming community battery installation.

You need to live in the local government area (LGA) where a PowerBank trial is being conducted and be invited to join.

We recruiting for people to be involved in each trial, based on what we know about the type of household the community battery suits. Our trial partner Synergy (as the retailer) will be in touch if we think your household is suitable for an upcoming community battery installation.