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Clearance applications

Clearance applications

Providing us with your Notice of Completion number enables us to quickly search and retrieve information to confirm the site works are now complete.

In some cases, a subdivision is linked to numerous projects (current & historic). Providing the project reference number(s) with the clearance application enables us to process your application in a timely manner.

A letter of undertaking is required for clearance in instances where a balance lot 50HA or less is subject to the clearance plan and does not have a suitable power supply. Refer to the Underground Distribution Schemes Manual clause 2.2.1 for further information.

The letter of undertaking must be written on the developer’s letter head, signed and dated. The letter must include the number, list the balance lot numbers and state the lots will not be sold without having a suitable power supply.

  • Electronic payments - 3 business days.

    If you are submitting your application for clearance within 3 business days of paying your quote, please attach a copy of your payment receipt to your clearance application.

  • Cheques - up to 5 business days from the date of receipt.

    Please only submit your clearance application once you have received confirmation that the cheque has been received and processed.

If construction is not required to fulfil additional requirements of your condition(s), construction does not need to be completed to obtain clearance – for example, access into an existing pillar. You need to have accepted and paid the quote for clearance to be provided.

Where construction of your project is required to fulfil requirements of your condition(s) you need to wait until construction has been completed to progress.

All overhead service cables (including those servicing balance lots) need to be removed prior to applying for clearance.

Once the dome has been constructed, you can engage an Electrical Contractor to arrange for the conversion to be completed.

All lots and dwellings subject to the strata development are required to be connected through the site main switchboard and into one connection point in the pillar.

Examples of small strata connection arrangements can be found in the Switchboard Arrangement for Small Strata Lot Developments guideline.

No, we are unable to provide clearance without the installation of the site main switchboard.

If the current landowner is constructing the dwellings on all newly created lots, an exemption may be applied for.

Further information can be found in the Switchboard Arrangement for Small Strata Lot Developments guidelines.

Yes, once the conduit has been installed the easement is considered implied. The Electrical Contractor must submit a Notice of Completion and note the conduit has been laid for all strata lots. Please provide the Notice of Completion number with your application for clearance to support this.

To satisfy this condition, please send though a copy of the EnergySafety Certificate. You can obtain a copy of the certificate from the Electrical Contractor and submit with the clearance application.

Please contact us, or the Department of Planning Land and Heritage to discuss your concerns. If your concerns are related to the removal or relocation of pillars, distribution and stay poles, or stay wires please submit an enquiry to the speak to an engineering expert.

If you have been provided with an exemption from any conditions, please submit a copy of the outcome with your clearance request.