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Solar, batteries & electric vehicles

How to connect your solar, battery or electric vehicle to our network

You will find all the information and application forms you need to connect your solar power system, electric vehicle or energy storage system to the grid.

We need to assess all customers' generating equipment for impact to our network before approving for connection. Our assessment process differs depending on the total kVA of all systems attached to your connection point.

A system is all generating equipment, such as solar PV panels, batteries and inverters.
A connection point is where your consumer mains connects to our network. This may be an underground service pillar or an overhead service cable.

You may share your connection point with others – if you are in a strata development, shopping centre, commercial tenancy or are connected via a main switchboard. We consider all equipment attached to a shared connection point during our assessment. For more information see our solar connection FAQs.

Information on approved suppliers and products, accredited installers and government incentives is available from the Clean Energy Council website.

Our Network Integration Guidelines and Battery Inverter Energy System Requirements provide guidance for connecting inverter systems to the Western Power grid.

Application for inverter systems

Please select the application form that matches the type and total kVA of your system.

Application for non-inverter systems