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Circuit Breakers STEM program

Circuit Breakers are thinkers, makers and innovators and our Circuit Breakers program will get your students engaged and excited about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

Circuit Breakers develops knowledge and skills with a focus on electrical engineering and coding using Micro:bit, this STEM program is available to all primary school students in years 4 – 6 who are situated within our network. 

You don’t need to be an electronics whiz – our expertly developed teaching and learning guide steps you through everything. Our Western Power mentors will be available to guide you around electricity, link the learning and inspire the students to operate like STEM professionals.

We are offering Circuit Breakers kits with the micro:bits at a subsidised cost of $10 per kit.

Circuit Breakers challenges students to look differently at the world around them while finding ways to bring their ideas to life.

Circuit Breakers

Supported STEM program with affordable electronics kits.

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Students will:

S – Learn about electricity and apply their understanding.

TDiscover how technology is transforming energy generation and distribution and use micro-computers.

E – Design for real life applications, write code and build models.

M – Exercise mathematical applications in design process.

100% of previous Circuit Breakers participants recommend doing the program.

Find out more about Circuit Breakers below.

Circuit Breakers

Supported STEM program with affordable electronics kits.

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Program overview

The program focuses on a variety of aspects of the Western Power network each activity exploring what it takes to provide electricity to your community, is safe and reliable, as well as exploring new technologies that are changing the way we look at electricity supply in the future.

The Circuit Breakers program is mapped to the curriculum for years 4- 6 in maths, science and technology. It has ten modules or activities stepped out involving learning, discussion and experimentation with extension activities included. The final two activities bring the knowledge and skills from the previous activities together with the design and build.

Each class will present their project, ideas and findings and upload it to a Circuit Breakers gallery online providing an opportunity for writing, speaking and listening work.

  • Activity 1 – A miniature computer with superpowers – getting to know the micro:bit
  • Activity 2 – Code and download – start coding with micro:bit
  • Activity 3 – Complete the circuit, control the power – making simple electrical circuits
  • Activity 4 – Fully charged up – measuring electricity
  • Activity 5 – What’s your reaction time – using an electrical property and micro:bit to create a reaction time test
  • Activity 6 – Bringing power safety to your community – making an alarm system with micro:bit
  • Activity 7 – Emergency warning sensors – coding to read sensors
  • Activity 8 – Electric light orchestra – controlling LEDs and using micro:bit to make sound
  • Activity 9 – Designing and engineering the network of the future – group discussions for design
  • Activity 10 – The network of the future – group project design and build

Course materials - Circuit Breaker kits

Circuit Breakers kit box with it's contents, consisting of; roll of copper foil tape, crocodile clips, USB connector, bobbin of aluminium thread, 2 AAA batteries and battery case, green, red and yellow LEDs and a BBC micro:bit.

The program is best undertaken with a class set of Circuit Breaker kits which include the Micro:bit pocket-sized computers and consumables required for the Micro:bits Circuit Breaker activities.  

To maximise the number of schools that can access the program, each kit will cost $10 (you will be provided with a discount code and the details of the sales provider and the kits will be posted to you). For example a class set of 25 kits will cost a total of $250.

Micro:bits alone retail for around $35-40 so this is a great opportunity to get your school’s hands on these fantastic little micro-computers, perfect for school students. You will be able to use them for repeating the program and multiple coding activities and projects with plenty of online support resources available. A sound investment in your schools STEM resources.

Please note that this subsidised price is available on a limited number of kits and schools are restricted to how many they can purchase depending on school size.  


Wester Power mentor support

You will have access to a Western Power STEM professional who will meet (this may be in a virtual way) with the class to share their knowledge of our network and assist with any technical information as required.

Your school is eligible to apply for subsidised kits and mentor support if it is located within our network (see map).

Student diversity

Reflecting Western Powers' commitment to diversity in our workforce and reflecting the diverse community we service, students selected for participation should also be reflective of your schools' community. With the exception of single-sex schools, program participants should include both girls and boys. 

Actions that encourage gender equity and equality in STEM, will help to change the declining trend of girls pursuing STEM related occupations at a higher level. Circuit Breakers is developed with this in mind and aims to attain strong involvement by female students. 

Teachers guide and other resources

The program is accompanied by a teachers guide which includes lesson plans, useful links and background information required to deliver the Circuit Breakers program

Other helpful resources including micro:bit code, 3 D print files, posters and editable slide deck can be found on our STEM resources page.


Hear from these Circuit Breakers teachers what they and their students get out of doing the program:


In 2019, Moorine Rock Primary School was selected to do the Circuit Breakers program. Find out how our STEM outreach program helped their school and can help yours too.

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For more information email our Community Education Specialist.

Circuit Breakers

Supported STEM program with affordable electronics kits.

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