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Public consultation is an important part of transparent decision-making. We welcome feedback on the following projects to help determine their direction and ensure we are meeting customer and industry needs. 

Powering East Perth

Connecting our customers and communities

Western Power is working to deliver a bright future for East Perth by investing in the electricity network that supplies the community.

Perth is growing rapidly, with new residential developments, commercial spaces and entertainment precincts. Safe, reliable power is vital to support this growth. To meet the changing needs of our customers, we are continually upgrading our electricity infrastructure.

As part of this ongoing improvement, we are our ageing Forrest Avenue Substation (see coloured square on the map below). This means that in early 2022, customers currently supplied with electricity via the Forrest Avenue Substation will instead receive their supply via the recently upgraded Joel Terrace Substation, located near the old East Perth station.

March 2021 update

Stage 9 – work in this section has been completed which consisted of directional drilling under the Kwinana Freeway.

Stage 2 – construction is estimated to start in March/April with expected completion in August 2021. Notification letters with construction dates will be posted to all impacted residents through each section of this stage.   

East Parade & Kensington Street intersection - We're currently working with Main Roads WA to establish a construction timeframe.

About the project

The project involves installing six underground cables between the Forrest Avenue Substation and Joel Terrace Substation.

  • Underground ducts are already installed to contain two of these cables, as indicated by the orange line in the map.
  • The remaining four cables will be installed in new ducts along a separate cable route through a narrow open trench, as indicated by the line route on the map below.

The work to excavate the trench and to install the cable will be completed in short sections to minimise impact on residents, businesses and road users. After the work is complete, we will reinstate the area to equal or better than original condition. This will also comply with local government and Main Roads requirements. 

We are in consultation with the City of Perth, City of Vincent, Public Transport Authority and Main Roads WA to determine the best way to carry out the work with the least disruption and to obtain all the necessary approvals.

Cable route for East Perth project

Expected timing

  • Stage 1. Start Joel Terrace, Summers Street to East Perth Power Station – 6 weeks
  • Stage 2. Jewell Lane, Tully Rd, Renaissance Ave, Kensington Street to the corner of East Parade – 5 weeks
  • Stage 3. Corner of Kensington Street and East Parade to Fielder Street – 4 weeks
  • Stage 4. Fielder Street, Brown Street, Glyde Street to Brook Street – 3 weeks
  • Stage 5. Brook Street, Royal Street, Leahy Walk to Wittenoom Street – 3 weeks
  • Stage 6. Wittenoom Street, Plain Street to Wellington Street – 3 weeks
  • Stage 7. Wellington Street, Forrest Avenue and Waterloo Crescent – 3 weeks
  • Stage 8. Waterloo Crescent, Trafalgar Road, Royal Street, Plain Street to Kensington Street – 3 weeks
  • Stage 9. Under Graham Farmer Freeway – works completed

Example of open trench excavation

Example of open trench excavation

How this work may affect you

We will work hard to keep disruptions to a minimum, however you may notice the following during works in your area:

  • some noise for short periods
  • parking bay closures and parking restrictions
  • some traffic lane closures, with lower speed limits in place to ensure safety
  • some night and weekend work to minimise disruption to traffic and some businesses.

The work to excavate the trench and install the cable will be completed in short sections to minimise impact on residents, businesses and road users.

Our partner

Power on Cabling logo

Power On Cabling will be undertaking the work on behalf of Western Power.

They have been providing specialist construction services to the energy industry since 2008.

Power On Cabling has completed similar projects throughout Claremont, Nedlands and Cottlesloe and in the Perth CBD.

More information

  • Project brochure: Powering East Perth
  • For further project information, please email us or call (08) 9326 4850
  • Urgent out of hours contact: 13 13 51
  • If you have a speech or hearing difficulty, contact us through the National Relay Service: 1800 13 13 51
  • Interpreter Services: 13 14 50

East Perth

Technical Rules Review

We are undertaking a review of the Technical Rules.

Since its first publication in 2007, the Rules have undergone several amendments, with the most recent in December 2016. Whilst the Rules were appropriate at the time of commencement, the energy market has changed significantly since they were first published, and the Rules are now overdue for a review. The main gaps include, lack of:

  • clarity on the roles and responsibilities of AEMO and Western Power
  • requirements to address the changing needs of the System – e.g. system strength, inertia
  • flexibility in customer connections
  • consideration for emerging technologies
  • consideration for non-traditional network or supply options (microgrids, standalone power systems)
  • consideration for the latest standards and industry practices
  • robust compliance framework
  • easier process for rule change

The gaps are felt by customers, WP and the AEMO and its need for a review is also recognised by the wider industry including the ERA and Energy Policy WA (formerly the Public Utilities Office). As part of the Energy Transformation Strategy the Energy Transformation Implementation Unit (ETIU) will address the required changes in regulations and codes to bring efficiencies in Technical Rules governance process and the compliance framework. Western Power is working with the ETIU and AEMO to support the changes in the Technical Rules and this review forms part of that work.

For further information on the work undertaken by the Energy Transformation Taskforce refer to the Energy Transformation Policy.

The review is undertaken in two stages:

Stage 1: Move Generator Performance Guidelines (GPG) to the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules

This concerns the performance requirements for transmission connected market participating generators, moving out the Technical Rules into the Wholesale Electricity Market Rules (WEMR). The transition is expected to be formalised before December 2020. For further information on the WEMR  consultation process refer to the Energy Transformation Implementation Unit’s (ETIU)Taskforce website:

Stage 2: Review Chapters 1 to 5 of the Technical Rules.

The proposed date for submission to the Energy Regulation Authority (ERA) for approval is by the 31 July 2021.

Western Power welcomes feedback from the public/customers on their felt experience or suggestions for improvement in relation to ‘User’ requirements in chapters 1, 3 and 4 of the Technical Rules.

Western Power welcomes feedback from the public/customers on their felt experience or suggestions for improvement in relation to ‘User’ requirements in chapters 1, 3 and 4 of the Technical Rules.

Feedback can be sent to: [email protected]

The closing date for input is 30 April 2021