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Industry Safety

Working near the Western Power network is dangerous

This section provides information on how you can keep safe when you're working near Western Power’s electricity network.

This information should be used in conjunction with the standards and regulations applicable to your industry. You need to ensure that there are adequate risk management procedures in place before working around the electricity network.

It is essential to know the location and voltage of any underground power cables and overhead network assets around your work area to assess the risk and carry out work safely. To get this information, contact Before You Dig Australia or freecall 1100.

Aerial visual covers (tiger tails)

Tiger tails are yellow and black sheaths that can be installed on low voltage conductors (up to 1,000 volts) to improve visual awareness of overhead powerlines - they do not provide insulation or reduce the danger zone.

How do I request installation or removal of tiger tails?

The cost to install and remove covers on one bay of low voltage mains directly adjacent to a work site is based on the following requirements:

  • all four wires being covered
  • mobilisation of crew and equipment
  • administrative costs
  • traffic management

Submit a request for installation of visual aerial covers (tiger tails).

  • Please allow 2 weeks from application for technical assessment – dependent on applicant response to Public Impact Team Enquiries.
  • Allow at least 8 - 14 weeks from receipt of monies paid to schedule into our works program. 
  • You can extend the period of Tiger Tail supply by emailing us. Further charges will apply. 

Request to isolate (de-energise) network assets

To safely perform work within the overhead danger zone or minimum approach distances underground of distribution assets, you can request us to isolate the network assets within your work area.

network assets
(0 to less than 66kV)
Aerial visual covers (tiger tails)
  • Available for installation on low voltage powerlines only, up to 1,000 volts
  • Do not provide insulation or reduce the danger zone
Isolation or de-energisation
  • Ensures work can be undertaken within the danger zone/s safely
  • Cost and time implications apply
Relocation or removal
  • Ensures work and/or event activity can be undertaken safely
  • Cost and time implications apply
network assets
(66kV or over)
Temporary transmission network isolation
  • Ensures work and/or event activity can be undertaken safely
  • Cost and time implications apply


Request to remove or relocate network assets

There are many reasons why our infrastructure may need to be removed or relocated. Perhaps it is for a special event to ensure safe access or there may be equipment in the path of a proposed development. Learn more about removing or relocating our equipment.