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WA Electrical Inspectors (WAEI) specialise in electrical inspections for WA homes, businesses and industry to ensure safety and electrical compliance.  

Who we are

WA Electrical Inspectors (WAEI) is owned and operated by Western Power. Our team of over 20 qualified electrical inspectors perform a unique role on behalf of the WA safety regulator, Building and Energy.   

We carry out a range of electrical inspections and examinations on new electrical equipment installations and connections. Under the Energy Coordination Act 1994, we have the authority to inspect a property at any time.

What kind of inspections do we carry out?

We complete around 25,000 inspections each year. They can vary from a new kitchen fan and downlights in your home, a new streetlight to hundreds at Optus Stadium, or even an entire hospital like Fiona Stanley.  

Electricity network provider, Western Power play an important role in ensuring the WA community are safely connected. We help Western Power satisfy the requirements of regulation 253 of the Electricity Regulations 1947  with their ‘systems of inspection’. 

We’re also responsible for carrying out investigations into  electrical fireand electric shock incidents on properties.

Where we operate

We carry out inspections within Western Power’s expansive South West Interconnected Network (SWIN). We have 3 teams of electrical inspectors working throughout the north, central and south regions, covering an area of 261,000km².