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Western Power is partnering with local governments to bring the benefits of underground power to suburbs across the network. Underground power is safer and more reliable, and the removal of poles and wires means streets are more aesthetically pleasing as the green canopy of trees can flourish. It also helps provide improved opportunities for emerging technologies such as electric vehicles and caters better to future power demand. That’s why we’re committed to expanding and evolving our network to enable decarbonisation and support the growth and demand for renewable energy.

Our Network Renewal Undergrounding Program Pilot (NRUPP) has allowed us to work closely with local governments to develop our future underground network strategy, with the aim of delivering the benefits of undergrounding for their communities. In 2022, the State Government launched the Targeted Underground Power Program (TUPP), which will allow up to 50,000 homes and businesses to transition from poles and wires. Over the next 4 years, the program will initiate 29 projects across 12 Perth metropolitan areas that will convert an estimated 50,000 properties to underground power.

We’re pleased to say that Western Power and relevant local government authorities will fund the Targeted Underground Power Program. The State Government’s tiered funding will be based on socio-economic indicators to ensure all areas can benefit from underground power. The new program significantly improves on the efficiency and equity of the State Underground Power Program (SUPP) through its application of Western Power’s network-driven approach and tiered funding to ensure that all areas benefit from underground power. We believe that this program will bring benefits to residents with safer electricity, improved reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced streetscapes and visual amenity.

Local Government Authorities (LGAs) wanting to convert an area from overhead powerlines to underground supply can apply for our Retrospective Underground Program online. These projects are initiated and funded directly by LGAs. If your area has been identified for a RUP project, Western Power will work collaboratively with your local government to provide you with information on the project.

We’re committed to expanding and evolving our network to support decarbonisation and the growth and demand for renewable energy, and we believe that underground power is an important step in achieving this.

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