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WA Dual naming

Perth Office meeting rooms 

Western Power’s operations are carried out over the lands of 16 Aboriginal language groups. We pay respect to the Traditional Owners of these lands, and through the dual naming of meeting rooms on the ground floor of our Perth office, acknowledge their continuing culture and custodianship of the lands on which we operate.

Aboriginal Language Groups
1 Nhanda 2 Amangu 3 Yuat
4 Wajuk 5 Pindjarup 6 Wardandi
7 Bibbulman 8 Kaniyang 9 Minang
10 Goreng 11 Wudjari 12 Nyaki-Nyaki
13 Ballardong 14 Wiilman 15 Kalaamaya
16 Wangkatha    

Depot location dual naming 

Vasse Depot | Mulgarup / Balbarignup (Place of thunder/ Place of lightning) 

The Wadandi Boodja Cultural Custodians have given the name, Mulgarup / Balbarignup (thunder / lightning) to the depot in Vasse. 

This was an Aboriginal camp and healing site. The Mulgarup / Woddidup Mission was built at this site in around 1887, knowing the Aboriginal people travelled there to gather and live along the banks of the river. The mud-brick building was named after the thunder and the river nearby, where the Aboriginal people would visit, as mulgarup (thunder) brings healing (rain) to Country, and the Mission was known as the place of healing / medicine, near the bilya (river).

The name originates from the songline of the connection between Boodja and the Ironstone Ridge, (conductor of lightning / electricity) along the Yalyal-Witcher escarpment, down to Undalup (Busselton), where the land meets the sea. 

The Ironstone Ridge and outcrops occur along the songline where the electrical storms would rage during the change of season. The power discharge is concentrated over the ironstone where it goes straight to Boodja.  

Along this songline is a culturally significant site close to the Sabine River where the Woddidup Creek is the main tributary to the river. 

Albany Depot | Kinjarling Pindjarri (Albany, power and lightning) 

Kinjarling is the Noongar name for Albany as has been recorded in history, and therefore very fitting. 

Pindjarri is the Noongar name for power and lightning, which many local Elders learned through story shared with them as small children.  

Aboriginal Engagement Consultant Brad Collard worked with 2021 West Australian of the Year and Goreng Noongar woman Karla Hart, whose bloodlines run through Minang country. Together Brad and Karla consulted with the local Minang community and Elders to select the Aboriginal name for the depot.

South Metro Depot | Boyli Mia  

Boyli Mia means Power House in Noongar, and has been built for strength and energy, with the capacity to drive major change. We worked with local Noongar Elders to arrive at this name, and Boyli Mia features the work of incredibly talented Noongar artists Bradley Kickett and Buffie Corunna.