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  • Will I be compensated for loss or damage?
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Where appropriate, we will meet the replacement cost for replacing "like with like".
We will help customers meet the fair and reasonable cost of repairs to damaged equipment under the following circumstances:

  • incorrect action by us, or
  • inappropriate operation of our equipment

We do not reimburse GST when compensating business customers who are able to lodge GST input tax credits, since this is claimed from the Australian Tax Office.

You must provide all supporting documents, including any receipts/invoices, quotations, repair reports and photographs of any damaged items. We reserve the right to view original documents.

Damaged items should not be disposed of until after the claim has been resolved (excluding food goods).

In some cases, you may need to provide our assessors with reasonable access to investigate your claim request.

Without supporting documentation/evidence, Western Power will be unable to process your claim.

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    Enquiry to connect an electric vehicle to grid system

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    I warrant that I am, or I have the authority to act and am acting with respect to this application on behalf of, the electricity account holder of the premises at which the electric vehicle to grid system will be installed, including (but not limited to) making this enquiry, receiving correspondence relating to the enquiry and receiving any approval to the enquiry

    Electric vehicle details

    New electric vehicle with vehicle to grid system to be connected at the proposed location



    No project


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    Report a faulty streetlight

    Start by searching for the address where the faulty streetlight is located. Please refer to our FAQs for information on restoration times, difficulty finding a light and more helpful information

    0 streetlights selected

    Report a faulty streetlight

    Streetlight information

    Contact information

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    "We were hopeful that it would work well. We thought we would give it a go and yeah, it's worked really well."
    Aimee and Owen Graham
    "We haven't had an outage for...well, since we have been on [SPS]"
    Tom and Simon Capper

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