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Meter reading FAQs

Clock-face dial meters have four, five or six dials, which alternate in direction.
To read these meters:

  • stand directly in front of the meter
  • starting from the left, read each dial and write down the figures
  • when a hand is between two numbers, write down the lower of the two; except when the hand is between 0 and 9, then write down 9
  • for example, the readings in the diagram are 2-7-0-3-8, that is, 27,038 kilowatt hours


The electro-mechanical digital display meters have a six-digit display similar to the odometer of your car. To read these meters simply write down the figures that are displayed.

Electronic meters on a standard residential or commercial tariff (A1, L1, K1 or M1) have a static register, so simply write down the displayed numbers.

However, if the register moves through a sequence of displays (or channels) then, the numbers that you need to record depends on your tariff. Use this table to ascertain the meter register displays/channels. 


Name / Description


Meter Code


Meter Serial Number


Programme ID Number






Kilowatt hours/Pulse


Total Kilowatt hours


Present Demand


Reset Number


On Peak Kilowatt Hours


On Peak Indicative Demand


On Peak Cumulative Demand


Off Peak Kilowatt Hours


Off Peak Indicative Demand


Off Peak Cumulative Demand


Weekdays High Shoulder Kilowatt Hours


Weekends Low Shoulder Kilowatt Hours

  • Not all channels are displayed on all meters. This depends on your tariff.
  • Customers on R1 tariff should record the figures from channels 10 and 20
  • Customers on SM1 (Smart Power) tariff should record the figures from channels 10, 20, 30 and 40
  • Customers on time-based demand tariffs S1 and T1 should record channels 10, 12, 20 and 22

Bi-directional meters measure your energy consumption and your net energy generation. If you have installed a system which generates energy into Western Power’s grid then you should have a bi-directional meter. It is normally fitted as part of the process for successful applicants to Synergy’s Reverse Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS), but also applies to customers with generation systems who are not part of the scheme.

A sophisticated meter that records the electricity usage in half hour intervals as well as total consumption, a smart meter is capable of sending this information daily to Western Power.

Smart meters are part of a wider Western Power initiative called Smart Grid which seeks to take a traditional “poles and wires” electricity grid into the future by adding digital and communication technology.

If you are registered, you can lodge your self-meter read online. If you want to become a self-read customer please speak to your retailer.

The meter box is the customer’s responsibility and you should contact an electrical contractor who will be able to repair or replace it.

You should contact your retailer who will be able to discuss the situation with you.

We can provide consumption data, however, it may take us a couple of days.


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