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Embedded generation

Western Power is responsible for approving the network connection of new embedded generation systems.

If you meet the criteria then your application can be approved automatically:

If your application does not meet these criteria, then a site plan is required. The plan must show the location of cable path, cable length (m) and conductor size (mm2) between the meter, main switchboard, sub boards (if any) and inverter/s. It must show supply type (overhead or underground), and mini pillar or pole top transformer (if sole use).

The site plan allows us to identify the location of the proposed system in relation to the site and determine the voltage rise.

Application for a single-phase inverter with a capacity between 2.5kVA and 3kVA needs to pass the 1% voltage rise on the service lead check.

Application for a single-phase inverter on three-phase supply over 3kVA will not be approved as the voltage rise on the service lead will exceed 1%.

Nuisance tripping and power quality issues can arise from a voltage rise due to the inverter embedded generator. You should seek assistance from an electrical contractor or the supplier of your system.  The issue is not related to the Western Power network.


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