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WS3022186199 – Flexibility Services

The Organisation

Western Power is a Western Australian State Government owned corporation which is responsible for building, maintaining, and operating an electricity network which connects over 1.1 million customers to traditional and renewable energy sources.


Currently one-in-three households have solar panels in Western Australia. In managing the grid, Western Power actively balance supply and demand of energy flow to maintain stable operating conditions. Flexibility Services is an alternative option for supporting grid stability and is one of several initiatives we are trialling and implementing to deliver greater customer choice while future proofing the network.

To continue to enable renewables to thrive on our network, Western Power is seeking registrations of interest from commercial and industrial organisations, and energy professionals in Western Australia. This has been successfully trialled and implemented in our Flexibility Services Pilot in Spring 2020 and Autumn 2021.

The Scope

Western Power is seeking registrations of interest from businesses, who will work with their own customers to deliver:

  • 35MW (or part thereof) of Flexibility Services via generation curtailment or increased electricity demand from the network at their customers sites.

The requirements to be considered as a Partner in Year 2 of Flexibility Services are:

  • Partner to contribute towards 35MW of flexibility services from the network within specific locations in the SWIS region, excluding Southern River.
  • Availability to perform dynamic dispatch services for a pre-communicated period of time on weekends and public holidays as required.

The solution(s) could comprise of:

  • Load shift, for example, increasing demand from the network via switching on equipment that would normally be off during the designated period
  • Battery energy storage solutions (BESS)
  • Electronic vehicle charging stations (EVCS)
  • Where there are hotspots on our network, additional generation curtailment, for example, switching off solar PV system may be required

If there are successful proponent(s), the solution must be ready to participate in end-to-end testing and provide energy flexibility by 15 March 2022.

Registration Requirements

Suppliers are required to respond to the following for the ROI submission via below link:

  • Provide details on the products/services and your capability in delivering Flexibility Services in relation to the high-level scope requirements stated above (max 1,000 words)
  • Complete brief capability questionnaire
  • Safety, Health & Environment information to be requested as part of this exercise.

To be considered for the inclusion in the Request for Proposal, please REGISTER your interest on the Western Power website link below by 5pm (AWST) Monday, 26th July 2021.

Western Power reserves the right not to proceed with any of the registrations put forward as part of the process.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Flexibility Services team.

Next Steps:

Western Power will review and evaluate the registrations received against the scope requirements. If successful, the shortlisted registrants would then be progressed.

Registration of Interest