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SR3258862510 - Asset Performance Management

Western Power seeks expressions of interest for the provision of Asset Performance Management (APM) software to facilitate the management of its electricity network. The software is expected to include performance monitoring and analysis, modelling and prediction, and maintenance optimisation capabilities.

Western Power background

Western Power is a Western Australian State Government owned corporation which is responsible for building, maintaining, and operating an electricity network which connects over 1.1 million customers to traditional and renewable energy sources. Western Power maintains over 7,600 km of transmission and 103,500 km of distribution circuit, as well as 154 substations.

Western Power has had a surge in the quantity and quality of data entering its systems from a wide variety of sources. The entire network has been surveyed via LiDAR and replicated as a point cloud. A series of embedded sensors have been installed in transmission substations, with constant updates of the status of equipment. There has been a drive to install smart meters across the network to supply a stream of data indicating the quality and status of electricity to the customers.

Western Power is currently expanding its data systems to incorporate Azure Cloud storage and analytics. The amount of data incoming from a variety of sensors and other sources requires a large amount of storage and processing power. Western Power seeks harness of the wealth of data by using APM software to implement a next generation digital asset management system as illustrated in the diagram below.


Asset Performance Management capabilities

Western Power requires APM tools to assist with many facets of asset management (listed below). It is not expected that a single APM provider will be able to satisfy every facet of the capabilities required, and APM tools that satisfy some requirements are welcomed. Likewise, If the APM software has additional capability that has not been listed, Western Power is open to reviewing it.

Definition/Description Priority

Analyse system/asset availability and reliability (RBD, Markov Chains)


Analyse asset failure (non-parametric methods, curve fitting, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, Pareto, machine learning)


Asset system modelling and forecasting (Monte Carlo, Bayesian belief, Weibull, reliability growth analysis)


Calculate asset lifecycle costs


Evaluate and optimise maintenance strategies (availability, maintenance task optimization, FMEA, RCM)


Analyse maintenance integrity and effectiveness (treatment effectiveness, workorder backlog, rework, completeness, inter-rater reliability)


Perform risk based sparing assessment and calculate stock levels


Enable defect elimination process (enable the identification of risks and opportunities)


Perform root cause analysis investigations


Analyse system/asset criticality



APM Vendors will be requested to state which of the listed capabilities they can provide, a description of how the capability would assist and an indication of the resource requirements.

Any APM tools shall be able to interact with the cloud. Currently our cloud provider is Azure, however it is best if the cloud capability is vendor agnostic.

Training and support should be available for the provided APM tools. Support includes software updates as well as system installation and configuration. Training includes software specific training as well as general concepts where applicable.

Western Power invites APM vendors to register their interest.  Western Power will review the responses and will contact the shortlisted APM vendors for a product demonstration.


To be considered, please register your interest by 4pm on Friday 10th December 2021 by emailing Roy Cope at [email protected] referencing SR3258862510, and a questionnaire will be sent to you for completion upon which it will be reviewed by Western Power.

Please note that registering for the opportunity does not guarantee that you will be invited to participate in a market event or become a supplier of Western Power.