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Due to the significant increase in application numbers we’re experiencing unanticipated delays of between 2-3 weeks.

If you're ready to submit an online application and/or have a technical query relating to a Western Power product or service, you can speak to one of our sales team for assistance, this includes:

  • a new connection (including stand-alone power systems / SPS)
  • moving Western Power equipment
  • pre-application technical query

This service has replaced 'Speak to an engineering expert' and provides phone, or face-to-face consultation for up to 30 minutes. The information provided will direct you to the correct application form plus the requirements to submit.

This service cannot cover:

  • a detailed cost or a quote
  • endorsement for working in the vicinity of the network
  • fault level data and network capacity information manual or standards compliance.

(If you have a query regarding a proposed development and if it will encroach on clearance zones. You can use the clearance assessment mapping tool.)

How long will it take?

After we received your application, we will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Need help before applying?

Book a phone or face-to-face consultation for up to 30 minutes.