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22kV design and HV submission for connection of >1MW solar PV

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Customer case study

What was the customer challenge?

The customer installed a solar photovoltaic (PV) system of more than 1MW. However, they could not energize this system until specific 22kV monitoring and protection requirements were implemented within the customer's installation. The customer was unfamiliar with these requirements, the customer swiftly engaged our team of distribution experts to resolve their problem.

What options were explored?

We explored the options of placing the new 22kV equipment indoor and outdoor, while carefully considering the associated impacts to safety, cost, timing, contractibility, disruption etc.

How did Western Power solve the customer challenge?

By effectively collaborating with specialist High Voltage (HV) electrical contractor (Nilsen), we identified a cost-effective solution by retrofitting new HV switchgear and associated equipment into two existing indoor substations. The solution was carefully assessed and planned to ensure compliance with relevant standards and WA requirements.

Following this, we prepared a HV submission report to seek approval from Western Power, to allow the customer to energize and couple the solar PV system with the grid.

How did the customer benefit from having Western Power involved?

  • We understand Western Power technical rules related to embedded generation and anti-islanding requirements;
  • Our experience and understanding of electrical distribution equipment requirements and associated Australian Standards;
  • Our experience with selecting and specifying fit for purpose electrical distribution equipment;
  • We’re able to assist the customer with the Western Power design and submission process.

What was the outcome?

Another safe, cost-effective and compliant solution that was promptly delivered in-line with the customers expectations. Successful connection of another large renewable energy system within a customer facility.

Proposed metering panel location showing electrical cables and hole in floor.
Interconnecting the new 22kV metering panel to the shopping centres existing 22kV plant.

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