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22kV customer PV IES protection kiosk design and HV submission

Ellenbrook Shopping Centre

Customer case study

What was the customer challenge?

  • Compliance with standards and protection requirements for connection of a new solar photovoltaic (PV) Inverter Energy System (~2.4MW)
  • Spatial constraints within the existing high voltage (HV) switchrooms for new 22kV equipment and protection
  • Two large protection kiosks needed to be carefully positioned as close as possible to the HV switchrooms
  • Needed to establish a combine earthing system that ensured safe step and touch potentials
  • Project timeframe and costing within customer’s requirements.

How did Western Power solve the customer challenge?

  • Two outdoor 22kV protection kiosks were designed and arranged carefully at both sides of the HV switchrooms
  • Customised voltage and current transformers with main and backup protection relays were fitted to the cubicles to meet the protection requirements of Western Power Technical Rules
  • In order to achieve the required safe step and touch potentials, a Current Distribution, Electromagnetic Interference, Grounding and Soil Structure Analysis earthing assessment and simulation were performed
    to ensure the safety limits were met.

How did the customer benefit from having Western Power involved?

  • Western Power successfully delivered a compliant and cost effective 22kV solution which enabled the
    connection and energisation of a large solar PV system.
  • The project was delivered within the customer’s expected timeframe.
Aerial view of Ellenbrook Shopping Centre
A PV IES HV Metering and Protection Kiosk at Ellenbrook Shopping Centre

Left: Ellenbrook Shopping Centre – PV IES System. Right: PV IES HV Metering and Protection Kiosk

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