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Subdividing your land

If you're subdividing your land, here's a step-by-step process, including information on conditions specified on your Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) approval.

Application process

  • Application for approval of subdivision

    Submit your application form to the WAPC to subdivide or amalgamate your parcel of land.

  • Referral for conditions

    The WAPC may refer your application to usalong with other service providers and relevant local government for recommendations of relevant servicing requirements. We will recommend conditions on reticulation, removal of asset and easements etc.

  • Approval of subdivision with conditions

    The WAPC will then issue you with a consolidated set of conditions, including ours, for your subdivision to proceed.

  • Fulfilling conditions

    You are then responsible for fulfilling all the conditions in the WAPC conditional approval. For information on Western Power conditions, the information below will help you get to the right place:

    Small subdivisions (4 or less freehold and all strata lots)
    New connections
    The removal or relocation of electricity infrastructure

    Large subdivisions (5 or more freehold lots)

    You will need to engage an electrical consultant to design your electricity infrastructure to serve the subdivision development in accordance with Western Power requirements. They will then submit the design drawing to usMore information on the development design application.

  • Western Power clearance of conditions

    When all of our conditions have been met, you can then request clearance from us - see below. After we confirm conditions are met, we'll issue a clearance certificate and stamped plan. This happens within 14 days of submission.

    Please note: we're rejecting incomplete clearance requests after 48 hours. It's important you provide us with all the correct documentation upon submission to ensure we can process your request as soon as possible.


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  • Why do I need to provide the Notice of Completion number?
  • Why do I need to provide a project reference number?
  • Construction of my project has not been completed; can I apply for clearance?
  • I have accepted my quote and paid for my project. How long will it take for payment to be received?
  • Can I apply for clearance before my overhead service cable to my existing dwelling has been removed?

Providing us with your Notice of Completion number enables us to quickly search and retrieve information to confirm the site works are now complete.

In some cases, a subdivision is linked to numerous projects (current & historic). Providing the project reference number(s) with the clearance application enables us to process your application in a timely manner.

If construction is not required to fulfil additional requirements of your condition(s), construction does not need to be completed to obtain clearance – for example, access into an existing pillar. You need to have accepted and paid the quote for clearance to be provided.

Where construction of your project is required to fulfil requirements of your condition(s) you need to wait until construction has been completed to progress.

  • Electronic payments - 3 business days.

    If you are submitting your application for clearance within 3 business days of paying your quote, please attach a copy of your payment receipt to your clearance application.

  • Cheques - up to 5 business days from the date of receipt.

    Please only submit your clearance application once you have received confirmation that the cheque has been received and processed.

All overhead service cables (including those servicing balance lots) need to be removed prior to applying for clearance.

Once the dome has been constructed, you can engage an Electrical Contractor to arrange for the conversion to be completed.

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