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Design information package (DIP)

The design information package provides the technical details required for you to have your design produced by a design consultant other than Western Power.

How much will it cost?


How long will it take?

Up to 7 weeks

To provide you with an access offer.

Due to the current economic conditions, we are experiencing a high volume of distribution grid connection and relocation applications as well as seeing the delivery timeframes for some materials items significantly extended. This has resulted in longer timeframes for products and services.

Only consultants with NER certification can apply for this service.

What to include with your application

  • Location plan

    A location plan shows your project site on a map within the surrounding area.

  • Precal (DGN)

    Your DGN precal file allows us to identify the stage boundary for your project and is used to produce your Design Information Package. For street light projects, your DGN file indicates intended light locations.

  • Payment guarantee

    A payment guarantee gives us permission to deal with your design organisation, and is your agreement to pay the associated fees for the Design Information Package and Design Conformance Review if your project does not proceed. Download the payment guarantee template.

  • Concept plan, including stage timing

    A concept plan provides us with a view of the subdivision, the scale of the project and nature of the proposed electrical network. Together with stage timing information, we can undertake planning assessments and produce a Design Information Package(DIP). See example of HV concept plan.

  • Load breakdown

    Your load breakdown allows us to assess the impact your project will have on the network. It also allows us to apply the appropriate charging policy. See example load breakdown.

  • Draft design drawing

    Draft design drawings provided with your application assist us to complete your Design Information Package.

Application process

  • You’ve applied

    Within 7 weeks you'll receive a Design Information Package (DIP)

  • You'll submit your design

    We’ll provide you with a Design Conformance Review within 7 weeks.

  • You'll receive an invoice

    After your payment is received, you can request a pre-handover. A pre-handover meeting will be scheduled within 4 weeks.

  • Handover achieved

    Upon 100% quality assurance, handover will be achieved. 

  • Energisation complete

    We will engerise within 6 weeks of handover.

Standards, manuals and guidelines

Technical documents that provide the necessary information to enable users to comply with statutory requirements and obligations.


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