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Modular grid

The future of WA's grid

Imagine what life will be like in 10 years. How about 20 or 30 years? For many of us, almost every aspect of our lives will change - from the way we travel and work to the ways we socialise and enjoy entertainment.

Well our electricity network will change too. In fact, it already has and will continue to do so. With many moving pieces and parts, the network of today is evolving.

So what makes up this evolving, modular grid?

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Innovating for a bright energy future

Like big breweries and craft beer makers, the future of our grid involves both large and small scale energy generation, working together to create reliable and renewable power supply.

  • Beer and batteries

    Have you ever thought that beer and electricity networks had a lot in common? How about beer and batteries? Believe it or not, they do!

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  • Eureka! The Goldfields solution

    How does the network meet the needs of WA's mining customers? Enter the data analysts, and our own Eureka moment.

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The solutions to our energy future

We’re evolving from a network built solely on transmission and distribution lines to a modular grid.

That means, many different solutions are coming together to create an exciting energy future.

So what are those solutions?

The network balancing act

Like a musical conductor guiding the orchestra, our team of engineers and network controllers direct the electricity flow through the network, creating a balance and harmony that is essential to a steady power supply.

We – like all electricity networks in Australia –  must balance electricity generation and customer demand.

This means we must maintain the power system frequency of 50Hz and voltages within limits - too high or low could cause appliances and other electrical equipment to not perform as well, or even fail.

So, how do our team of experts manage this balancing act?

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