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Solar and the grid

Once considered strange bedfellows, solar power and the grid actually work like a team.


By working together to make the most of the green energy you create on your roof for you, your neighbours and the community.

Here's how (and why) the grid is really important for your solar panels.

Solar and your home

Solar power is one of the fastest growing renewable sources of energy on our grid, and your rooftop could be playing a role.

  • Super solar suburbs

    WA homes love solar on rooftops, with nearly one in three homes now having panels. But which suburbs have the most?

    Check out how your suburb ranks for solar here.

  • Solar innovation at Amble Estate

    Imagine moving into a new home and all the solar was taken care of. An innovative trial at Amble Estate is testing new ways to offer solar.

    Read on to find out more...

Where does your suburb rank for solar?

Does your suburb have lots of super solar energy?

Or is it lagging behind in the solar stakes?

Find out where your suburb sits in our handy solar suburb checker!