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Electrical licensing

Only licensed electrical contractors can be employed

In Western Australia, regulations do not permit unlicensed persons to work on electrical installations. Additional conditions apply to the licensing of electrical contractors including advertising as, or contracting to perform such work. Enquiries regarding licensing, the qualifications to work, to undertake work, and/or to contract to perform electrical work on electrical installations should be referred to EnergySafety.

Electrical contractor/worker details

It is important that both individual (electrical worker) and business (electrical contractor or in-house) licenses are correctly registered and maintained. 

If a residential/business address, holders' names or any other aspect of the license details change, then EnergySafety must be notified within 28 days of the change. 

The forms to advise changes are on EnergySafety's website.


A person other than those legally entitled and endorsed to carry out electrical work shall not insert or remove or operate a Network Operator’s fuse/link/circuit breaker or operate a customer’s service protection device, tamper with or alter any meter measuring equipment, make or break any electrical connection (including seals and locks), dismantle any component part of a Network Operator’s equipment or detach such equipment from its fixings.  Additionally, obtaining electricity by any means other than by an approved method is classified as theft.

If a person is found guilty of such an offence, it may result in the imposition of substantial penalties together with an order for damages to compensate the Network Operator for any loss or rectification inclusive of court costs.