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Speak to an engineering expert

Western Power now provides a free 30 minute consultation service to assist you with complex and technical questions related to customer connection applications. This service is called Speak to an Engineering Expert.                

The service caters to developers, electrical consultants and government agencies with questions regarding engineering solutions, standards, policies, and high level pricing methodologies. To get the most out of the session, customers using this service will need to have a medium to high level of technical understanding regarding electrical infrastructure.

Access this service via an simple online enquiry form located on our website under services. Submission of the form will trigger a response from a qualified engineering expert who will contact the applicant to arrange a time for a face-to-face or telephone consultation.

It may assist where you have challenges with your application:

  • evaluating a number of possible engineering solutions and need some advice
  • there are a few different standards that apply to your situation and you need guidance
  • what policies apply to your project.

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