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Shared connections solar applications notice

One in three homes in Western Australia now has solar, and this number is rising. We’re committed to supporting our customers' flexible energy plans. To ensure each homeowner’s solar system is viable in the long term, Western Power needs to approve all solar system installations and upgrades before they go ahead.

As of Wednesday, October 28th, the application form will now automatically identify if a connection is shared, and if so it will need an additional technical assessment. 

Click here to apply for a solar power system connection. 

The way we assess each solar system application depends on the total kVA of all systems attached to the relevant network connection point. Our assessment of an application is based on the total energy usage (consumption and generation) of the connection point. Sometimes a connection point is shared by multiple customers, for example in stratas, shopping centres and commercial tenancies.

Each connection point has a maximum amount of energy it can safely carry, and our assessment is to make sure it can accommodate any additional solar energy that is being added to the network. We want everyone to have a safe and reliable connection, now and in the future, so it’s important that applications are submitted correctly. 

Embedded generation application

See our solar connection FAQs on our application page for more information.

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