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New mini pillar

From 1 August 2017 a new ‘mini pillar - rectangular’ (rectangular pillar) will replace the existing ‘mini pillar - dome’ (dome) as the standard mini pillar.  

Changes to the Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations in 2015 required Western Power to update the specifications for mini pillars. The new rectangular pillar meets the standards, and is consistent with the pillar utilised in other localities across Australia.

The new pillar will be used for all installations from 1 August, and the replacement of domes where the base or circuit board is damaged. Where an existing dome lid-only is damaged, replacement lids will be available.

Functional and technical differences include:

  • vertical access to lid bolts for easier access
  • two additional neutral/earth connection terminals
  • provision for (up to) 3 red spot fuses
  • LV board will be available separately and will have separate stock codes
  • larger underground footprint, but exclusion zones are unchanged.

The following specification drawings provide clarification on the technical requirements of the design and installation of the new pillar. These drawings will be updated in the DDC and DCSH on 1 August 2017.

Frequently asked questions

Pillars need to be located at the junction of the front and common boundaries.

The narrow face/side of the pillar should face and be parallel to the road. Customer cables inside the pillar should exit the connection points on the board in the direction closest to the customer premises. See Specifications below: Mini Pillar – Rectangular – Installation Guide.

Where a design is approved and ready for construction, Western Power will install the rectangular pillar from 1 August. In these situations, where the rectangular pillar is not suitable due to design or construction constraints, the dome may be installed – stock has been allocated to cover these instances.

Note: all new designs submitted to Western Power from 1 August 2017 date must incorporate the rectangular pillar.

If the damage is superficial and only impacting the lid, Western Power will replace the lid like-for-like. If the base or board is damaged, the whole unit will be replaced with the rectangular pillar.

A minor relocation may allow the existing style to be reused, typically however the rectangular pillar will be installed for relocations subject to site conditions.

The rectangular pillar is required for all future stages regardless of which pillar was used initially.

The new pillar is compliant and consistent with the standard in the rest of Australia.

This unit is not available in any other colour.

The rectangular pillar is approximately $10 cheaper than the dome; cost saving passed through to customers.

The rectangular pillar allows for 4 connections as a minimum on 3 phase supply (i.e. consumers, streetlights and other UMS) and up to 5 connections on a single phase supply.

Yes, however this would constitute a non-standard design solution and would require approval from Western Power.

There is one red spot fuse on the main panel. There is facility for two additional red spot fuses if the optional attachment is installed. This attachment is available to order separately – FB0073.

There is no change in the tools required to install the rectangular pillar.

There is one red spot fuse on the main panel. There is facility for two additional red spot fuses if the optional attachment is installed. This attachment is available to order separately – FB0073.

No, the new bolts are longer and of a different thread type.

As delivered: Maximum dimensions are 524 x 557 x 670mm (WLH) and weight is 1.6kg for the lid and 2.8kg for the base (total 4.4kgs).

 Above ground dimensions: 260x390x400mm (WLH).

Product Description


Stock Code

Rectangular Pillar

Stock Code

Complete Mini Pillar (Lid, Base & Board)



Mini Pillar Lid Only



Mini Pillar Base and Security Bolt Only



Mini Pillar Lid and Base Only



Mini Pillar Board Only



Mini Pillar Additional Fuse Mounting Kit Only



Mini Pillar Security Bolt Only



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