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New distribution transformers

Western Power has completed a tender process for ground mount distribution transformers, with contracts being awarded to Tyree and ETEL to manufacture new distribution transformers.
We have been working closely with the new manufacturers to ensure designs meet network requirements and allow like-for-like replacement of ABB transformers on maintenance and brownfield projects, with minimal impact.

Existing transformers (refurbished and new) will continue to be issued from Jandakot stores until stocks are fully depleted. The new transformers will have a new stock code (marked on the name plate and stencilled on the side of tank) allowing them to be easily identified. The manufacturer and stock codes will be captured on the commissioning and equipment data sheets to ensure the traceability of the different transformers.

Updates to the Compatible Units (CUs) in the Distribution Design Catalogue (DDC), Distribution Substation Manual (DSM) and CAD Tool Bar will be implemented once the new transformers become available. Western Power will issue subsequent bulletins advising when these come online. In instances where design drawings have used old ABB stock codes our stores team will replace with the new Tyree and ETEL stock codes and any additional items required to meet the new transformer installation requirements, e.g. cable clamps.


The physical size of the new ETEL and Tyree transformers is similar to the existing ABB transformers. Existing cables and terminations are compatible with the new transformers which have the same bushing heights, to facilitate like for like replacement during brownfield upgrades or fault replacement.

Enhanced features of the new transformers include:

  • Pronutec single pole disconnectors with generator connection terminals
  • Pronutec three phase ganged fuse switch disconnectors
  • Paint thickness increased from 125 microns DFT (Dry Film Thickness) to 200 microns
  • Earth stubs are installed on the load of each fuse switch and on the busbar side of the disconnector; these are compatible with Western Power’s Hylec Energy Solutions earthing kits.
  • Ability to install fin wall guards
  • Oil sight glass with floating ball (can check oil is present before energising transformer)
  • Larger cooling fins
  • Facility for cable clamps to reduce mechanical stress on HV bushings.


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