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Fast track design information package (DIP) trial

Commencing 30 April 2018 Western Power will trial a ‘Fast Track’ Design Information Package (DIP). This service will provide land development customers with the option to pay for an accelerated service to obtain the information required for their subdivision design.

In preparing the external design and construct of a subdivision, a developer or their nominated electrical consultant must apply for a DIP. The DIP provides critical network information required to undertake the design, including the connection points into the Western Power network. The current timeframe for providing the DIP is approximately 7 weeks from application, and costs $495. The fast track option will be delivered in approximately 3 weeks, at a cost of $990.

An industry survey in December 2017 indicated that a ‘quicker’ DIP offering would be advantageous to developers and something they may be willing to pay more for if delivered with the same level of consistency.

The electrical consultant will be able to select the Fast Track DIP option through the External Design and Construct Online DIP Application Form.

The applicant must acknowledge that they have informed the developer of the obligation to pay the fee,  which will be included in the quote. They also acknowledge that should (due to the individual circumstances of the project) the planning requirements preclude us from being able to meet the 3 week timeframe, they will be notified and they will be charged the standard DIP fee, and completion will be within the standard timeframe.

The Fast Track DIP service will be offered on a 3 month trial basis from 30 April 2018. A decision on whether the service is meeting customer needs will be made following the trial period, and communicated to industry.

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