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External design and construct clarification

In the Industry Bulletin issued on 16 November 2017, Western Power summarised the key messages from the recent External Design and Construct Roadshow, and identified a number of requirements that will become effective for all projects in the system from 1 January 2018.

This bulletin clarifies and reinforces the requirements and identifies next steps for items yet to be resolved re communication with the Construction Manager (CM) during Construction.

  1. The inclusion of Survey Data to support the as-constructed evidence submitted as part of the Pre-Handover for the sub-division is recommended best practice, but is not currently mandatory.

    To assist in confirming installation compliance it is required that the contractor progressively record evidence to substantiate the quality of the construction.

    The suggested best practice of surveying is to limit the requirements for Western Power to request potholing to prove where services are located. In instances where insufficient evidence is provided by the Developer’s contractor, potholing will be requested at the Developer’s expense.

    The recommendation of Survey Data is also to ensure that the Electrical Consultant responsible for submitting the digitised As-Constructed Drawing on behalf of the developer, has the evidence and confidence to know that what they are submitting is accurate.
  1. From 1 January all active projects will be required to provide the Landgate Certified Correct Deposited Plan for all lots that they require to be energised. The correct name of this document and when it is required is indicated in the External Design and Construct Process.

For projects involving the removal of an overhead connection as part of the Western Power clearance requirements, please contact Kristy Gillian, Customer Relations Consultant for Land and Property Development, to discuss.

Requirements for all active projects in train as of 1 January 2018:

Requirements as of 1 January 2018



Construction Administration Package

  • Safety Management Plan
  • Scheduling information sheet (Inc. section to provide project personnel qualifications)
  • Construction programme

Site superintendent

2 days prior to commencing construction of the Electrical Infrastructure
Contact us online
Please Reference the project number

Developers pre-handover site inspection checklist and as-constructed drawings and records

Site superintendent

2 days prior to the scheduled pre-handover Meeting via
Western Power Land Development Portal

Certified Correct Deposited Plan

Site superintendent/ developer

Prior to energisation

Some of the items that were identified for further improvement are currently being addressed through Western Power’s process improvement program.

  1. Clarify the process for Western Power to notify customers who their CM is for the subdivision?
  2. Identify a consistent process to allow the Developer to notify Western Power when they are ready for pre-handover.
  3. Identify a process to notify key stakeholders that the sub-division has been fully energised.

The intended outcome is to implement a consistent, automated, notification system that advises all relevant stakeholders where their project is in the process, who their key Western Power point of contact is at that stage, and when the project has been energised.

In the interim, the current process is:

  • CM Allocated to Project

    CM emails customer to advise they will be looking after the project

    Project is put on hold if not ready for handover

  • Request for pre-handover

    Customer to email CM when site is ready for pre-handover

    CM emails customer date for pre-handover

    Customer uploads all documentation required 2 days prior to pre-handover meeting – via Land Development Portal

  • Handover achieved

    CM emails customer with proposed energisation date

  • Western Power construction

    Construction for Western Power scope of work commences

    Customer emails [email protected] a copy of the approved deposited plan prior to energisation

  • Energisation

    CM emails all parties on the Scheduling Information Sheet – notifying that energisation has been completed


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