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Electrical contractors

As an electrical contractor, there may be times when you need to engage with Western Power to request particular services such as meter installations, temporary connections, and standard disconnections and reconnections.

This page will help you determine which service you need from us, and will also provide you with other useful information which will assist you during the electrical notice submission and service request process.

Helpful information for industry

  • If the site’s consumer main size (CMS) is greater than 35mm, please do not proceed with a service request submission. We classify this as an above standard supply, and a project is required. Go to new connections to request a project
  • If we determine an overhead service runs across a main road when arranging your appointment, we may be required to arrange traffic management which can take up to 3 weeks to organize
  • We provide meters, meter fuses and overhead service cables - all other hardware should be supplied by the electrical contractor
  • If the existing meter panel contains asbestos, the electrical contractor must arrange the supply and installation of a new panel
  • If the service you request impacts another customer’s supply, by law, we must carry out a formal notification process to ensure affected customers receive appropriate notice. This process may delay the delivery of the service by 3 weeks
  • If you require the permanent removal of a meter, please contact your retailer for a supply abolishment.

Want to submit a new eNotice? Please visit the Building and Energy website

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