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Port Gregory and Horrocks update

We will be undertaking repairs to the network this week from Saturday 12 to Thursday 17 March and we’ll need to interrupt power supply to some customers to complete the work safely.

We understand the frequent outages you have experienced over recent months are inconvenient, however these repairs are being undertaken to improve the reliability of your power supply.

Schedule of work and outages

Our dedicated planning and operations team, which is continuing to investigate longer-term solutions for the power supply in your area. The work being undertaken from Saturday is to replacing faulty insulators with silicone insulators that reduce the amount of dust and pollution sticking to the insulator therefore reducing the likelihood of pole top fires as well as upgrading various other hardware on poles to upgrade the network and reduce the chance of a fault occurring.

We aim to complete these important works as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to you, and thank you for your patience.

Date Area Customers impacted by outage Estimated time
12/03/22 Gregory No outage Live line work
13/03/22 Gregory 10 8am-4pm
14/03/22 Gregory 17 7.30am-5pm
15/03/22 Gregory 9 8am-4pm
16/03/22 Gregory No outage Live line work
17/03/22 Gregory & Horrocks 325 8am-3pm

The generators currently located in Gregory are intended for use during an emergency or extended unplanned outage. If possible, the generators will be used during some of the planned repairs.

Keeping you updated

All customers impacted by these works have been notified directly, either by letter, email or SMS. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to register your mobile number for SMS notifications so that we have the correct contact details for you.

Improving your power supply

We have committed more than $2.8 million to increasing maintenance on the main Northampton line which supplies power to Gregory. This work to upgrade the network will help to improve reliability in Horrocks, Sandy Gully and Gregory.  This project is due for completion in June 2022, we will keep you updated as we carry out this work.