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Underground Power

Network Renewal Undergrounding Program Pilot (NRUPP) – these are driven by Western Power and target areas with a high density of aging overhead assets

State Underground Power Program (SUPP) – the cost of undergrounding is shared between the State Government, Western Power, Local Government Authorities (LGAs) and property owners

Retrospective Undergrounding Projects (RUP) – these are generally funded directly by LGAs or land developers

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The costs that you as a resident are required to pay varies based on a number of things such as population density, network load requirements, topography and ground conditions.     

The projects are also funded in different ways depending on the program:

  • Network Renewal Undergrounding Program Pilot (NRUPP) – The resident is only required to pay for their consumer mains (the cable that is installed between the pillar and the premises main switchboard on your property).
  • State Underground Power Program (SUPP)– Funded by Western Power, the State Government and Local Government Authorities (LGAs). Under... Read more
  • Improved public safety – with improved street lighting neighbourhoods are safer, and by removing poles there are less car collisions.
  • Improved reliability and security – once the power is underground, you’ll experience fewer disruptions after major storm events, which means fewer power outages.
  • Improved street appearance – who doesn’t want to live on a nice looking street? No power lines create a more aesthetically pleasing neighbourhood.
  • Increased property value – the absence of poles and wires and the inclusion of new street lighting has a positive impact on property values.

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There’s a lot we need to do to get power underground. This includes:

  • Installing new underground power cables in the road reserve under verges
  • Installing connection pillars (green dome/box), usually at the front corner of a property and the adjacent property
  • Installing transformers and switchgear units to manage the distribution of power throughout the area. These are located in parks and public open spaces, or sometimes along property side verges
  • Installing an underground connection from the connection pillar to the meter box at each property
  • Changing each property over to the new underground... Read more

Throughout the delivery of each State Underground Power Program (SUPP) Round, we sit down with the State Government and WALGA to discuss and plan future SUPP Rounds. This planning process is complex and involves looking at our current and future network requirements and economic conditions.

Retrospective Underground Projects (RUP) are considered on a case by case basis together with the relevant Local Government Authority (LGA).

The Network Renewal Undergrounding Program Pilot (NRUPP) is a pilot program, which will assist with informing the future underground network strategy.