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Tenders and registration of interest

Tenders and registration of interest

Value for money is a key objective within Western Power’s procurement activities. Value for money ensures that when purchasing goods and/or services, Western Power achieves the best possible outcome, for every dollar spent. This is achieved through assessing financial and non-financial factors, quality, cost and resources; fitness for purpose; total cost of ownership and risk as well as the overall benefits to Western Power and the community, rather than simply selecting the lowest purchase price.

See this our Responding to events in Ariba guide for instructions. If you have a query about the event content please use the messaging feature within the event to submit your question.

Registering your interest to become a supplier provides Western Power with details about your company’s capabilities for consideration for upcoming tender events, however it does not guarantee that you will be invited to an event or awarded any work. You can register your interest for future tender events on our Becoming a supplier page, or register for specific upcoming events on the Tenders and registrations of interest page, however please note Western Power tenders are invitation only.

No, Western Power seeks to obtain the best value for money when purchasing goods and services from external providers.

Western Power uses 'preferred vendor arrangement' for many contracts. Preferred vendor arrangements are established following a tender process to pre-qualify suppliers for specific goods or services. Being a preferred vendor does not guarantee any work, however it does ensure that the ordering process under the arrangement is more streamlined and does not require suppliers to resubmit their standard safety, environment and quality information, or departures from the commercial documentation.