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Supplier onboarding

Supplier onboarding

The Western Power Head Office is not considered a site if you are providing a service such as consulting, training or making deliveries. A Western Power site includes depots, substations or any work conducted on the network.

If your service/s include conducting inspections or making deliveries in proximity to the network or in substations then please answer “yes”.  If your service(s) only include deliveries made to/from office locations (including depots) or working at a desk in an office environment please answer “no”. 

'Supplier onboarding' is the process of accrediting suppliers to trade with Western Power through our procurement systems. Western Power utilises the Ariba system to accredit/onboard suppliers, where suppliers can submit and manage information such as insurances, address and banking details. See our Using Ariba as a Western Power supplier page for more information around the onboarding process.

Email us with details of the issue, including insurance certificate name.

Existing Western Power suppliers will be asked to resubmit their accreditation details in an online format as a once-off activity. Expiring documents such as insurances can then be maintained in an electronic format via Ariba, streamlining the process of updating these important documents with Western Power.

If you can log in, ensure you are in the 'Proposals and Questionnaires' section of Ariba.

Otherwise, contact us and include you username and Ariba Network ID used to log in. Do not share your password with Western Power or external parties.