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Why are we using SPS in our network?

Stand-alone power systems (SPS) provide a more reliable, cost-effective and localised alternative to providing power through long powerlines that only connect small groups of customers.

SPS are self-sufficient power units that use solar panels and a battery, with a back-up generator , to provide reliable power for customers. By using SPS as an alternative power source, our customers get a more reliable and more renewable energy supply.

The poles and wires infrastructure will also become redundant, creating significant cost savings in maintenance and upgrades, particularly in remote areas. Decommissioned poles and wires also reduce the bushfire risk in these areas.

As well as customers getting more reliable power, the savings on infrastructure are being reinvested in upgrading and enhancing the network for customers in other areas, creating a win-win for customers and the network.

Learn more about this innovation and how it’s positioned WA as a world leader in renewable SPS technology.