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What is supply abolishment and how do I progress with it?

Supply abolishment is the permanent removal of your electricity connection.

If you want to permanently cancel your electricity network connection because you no longer require an electricity supply at the meter location, we can submit an application with Synergy on your behalf to have your meter and electricity cables leading into the property removed. In this instance we’ll cover the cost of the permanent removal.

You can also submit your own application with Synergy, but you’ll be required to pay a $469.15 supply abolishment application fee.

If you’re a low-energy use customer and only use your connection once or twice year, or you have low ongoing use, such as to maintain an electric fence or dam pump, you may be eligible for a one-off financial incentive. This is designed to cover the cost of a generator and diesel for those infrequent times when you do require power. We’ll also cover the cost of supply abolishment (permanent removal) at these meters. For more information please call our customer service team on 13 10 87 or email us.