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Proactive supply abolishment and IOU SPS

Proactive supply abolishment and IOU SPS

Supply abolishment is the permanent removal of your electricity connection.

If you want to permanently cancel your electricity network connection because you no longer require an electricity supply at the meter location, we can submit an application with Synergy on your behalf to have your meter and electricity cables leading into the property removed. In this instance we’ll cover the cost of the permanent removal.

You can also submit your own application with Synergy, but you’ll be required to pay a $469.15 supply abolishment application fee.

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You’ll need to apply for a new connection and pay the full cost of SPS instalment.

We’ll honour the network connection cost for new connection applications for two years from the date the line was transitioned to SPS, if the network connection is lower than the cost of a SPS. The two-year period commences on the date the property owner is contacted by us, and is tied to the land, not the property owner. If the property is sold during this two year period, the new property owner can apply for a new connection at the lower connection cost. 

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The SPS IOU agreement is offered to customers who want to keep their existing connection, but are uncertain of what their long-term energy needs will be at their property. You still have a Synergy account and pay your daily supply charge.

The IOU agreement expires after five years but can be extended at your request for a further five years. If/when you contact us to advise that you need power, we’ll progress the work and install SPS within an agreed timeframe.

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The SPS team will discuss all options with you during your initial engagement. If you have an inactive meter and decide you would like to keep this connection, you’ll need to contact Synergy to reopen your electricity account. In cases where there is no connection, customers will need to apply for a new connection through our website within the timeframe provided by the SPS team. The connection will then be assessed for a SPS.

Alternatively, you can request to be part of the SPS IOU program if you’re unsure what your long-term energy needs will be. Find out more about SPS IOU.

If there’s no active account at the meter, you’ll need to open a new account with Synergy. If your property is disconnected, a reconnection order will be sent once your account is opened.

We have smaller SPS units available for low use properties, however if you don’t need electricity, we won’t install a unit. Instead, we can organise to remove the connection at your request.

If you’re a low-energy use customer and only use your connection once or twice year, or you have low ongoing use, such as to maintain an electric fence or dam pump, you may be eligible for a one-off financial incentive. This is designed to cover the cost of a generator and diesel for those infrequent times when you do require power. We’ll also cover the cost of supply abolishment (permanent connection... Read more