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Existing SPS customers

Existing SPS customers

Please call our faults line on 13 13 51 and we’ll send our crew over to resolve the issue.

To modify your connection (increase your maximum load/ capacity), you can request this at your own cost by submitting an application.

Absolutely, you can upgrade to three phase at your own cost. For pricing information, please contact the customer experience centre on 13 10 87.

You’ll need to and pay the full cost of a SPS.

We’ll honour the network connection cost for new connection applications for two years from the date the line was transitioned to SPS, if the network connection is lower than the cost of a SPS. The two-year period commences on the date the property owner is contacted by us, and is tied to the land, not the property owner. If the property is sold during this two year period, the new property owner can apply for a new connection at the lower connection cost. 

To be eligible to receive a new connection at the ‘lowest cost’ during the two-year period,... Read more

No, you’re not required to refuel the SPS generator.

We’re responsible for all SPS maintenance, including refuelling the generator. We service these bi-annually or annually, depending on the size of the SPS. The diesel tank may need to be refuelled more frequently depending on weather and usage.

SPS are fitted with 24-hour remote monitoring dashboards, which provide real time performance. We can see if there is an issue with the SPS or if the diesel tank is running low before the scheduled service date.

If there is an emergency or you experience a fault or outage, you’ll still need to call our fault line on 13 13 51.

One of the benefits of SPS is we don’t need to access your property as often as with traditional infrastructure. We do need to access your property for SPS installation, maintenance and in the case of a hazard or SPS fault.

Where possible, our teams or our SPS contractors, will try to contact you prior to entering your property. If we can’t get in touch, we’ll still need to access the property. As the energy operator, we’re permitted to enter properties for these purposes. For more information, please visit Land Access Legislation.

If you are a SPS customer and already have solar panels we will ensure that integration of your solar panels with the SPS occurs upon commissioning of the SPS. In this case no action is required by you, we will note your solar panels at the site visit.If you are an existing SPS customer and considering investing in your own solar panels, you or your solar installation contractor please contact the SPS team via email or phone to discuss your options prior to lodging the solar application with Western Power.This is to ensure you maximise the utilisation of your own solar installation, andIf you choose to install solar panels, the SPS team, or our contractors, will need to install an integration solution for the SPS and your solar panels to work together, therefore the earlier we know about your intentions, the earlier the solar installation can be up and running.... Read more

Yes, you can install your own solar panels, however there may be limitations on how you can integrate your panels with SPS.

Please contact us to discuss your options. 

No, you’ll continue to receive a bill from Synergy for the electricity you use. The cost per unit of electricity is the same as network-connected customers, so if your electricity usage stays the same, so will your bill.

Want to lower your power bill? Find easy and energy efficient changes you can make at

Please call the SPS team on 9326 4140 or email us so we can investigate this for you.

We understand issues with SPS may arise and we encourage your feedback. Please call our Customer Experience Centre on 13 10 87 between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays) and our customer service team will be happy to assist. Alternatively, you can submit your feedback online or write to us at:

Complaints Team,
Locked Bag 2530,
Perth, WA 6001

For more information visit the Western Power complaints handling process.

No, the Western Power SPS integration solution for customers with their own PV system is inverter agnostic. Before lodging an application for solar panels please call our customer experience team on 13 10 87 or email us so we can assist you further.