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Why does it sometimes take longer to restore my power during summer?

Our role is to provide safe and reliable electricity to our customers. During the bushfire season, we make changes to the way we operate in high and extreme fire risk areas.

Our systems that remotely and automatically restore power are altered during the hotter months to reduce the chance of a spark causing a fire. Occasionally, the process of automatically restoring power can add to the risks of fire. In high and extreme fire areas it is safer to physically check lines before power is restored after an interruption to make sure there are no branches or foreign objects touching the powerlines.

Ground and/or helicopter patrols must visually inspect lines before power is restored, to ensure it is safe to do so. Aerial restrictions sometimes apply limiting our use of helicopter patrols.

Alternatively, we may remotely restore the power when the risk of fire is lower, for example during the night.

As a result of these factors, there may be a delay in restoring power.

If you happen to experience a power interruption in the hotter months, we ask for your patience.

To help us maintain safe and reliable power, we encourage you to report any fault to 13 13 51.