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During the power outage

If you experience an unplanned power outage and there is the potential for it to extend for a long period of time – usually during emergency situations or if network assets have been damaged by things like falling trees – here’s some tips on how to manage the extended outage:

  • Have an emergency kit ready containing a waterproof torch, first-aid kit, non-perishable food, water, required medication and a radio (battery-powered) with spare batteries.
  • Minimise opening and closing your fridge or freezer.
  • Remove all meats, poultry, dairy and potentially hazardous food (for example dips, pâté, ham and salami) from the fridge and place in esky with ice bricks.
  • Keep useful phone numbers on hand, such as the SES and your electricity provider.
  • Unplug ‘surge-sensitive’ equipment such as computers to avoid potential damage.
  • Keep across the news and emergency updates (on your mobile phone or radio).

More information

Visit the HealthyWA website for more tips on reducing the risk of food-related illness during power outages.