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Why does my town have power but I don't?

Even once our infrastructure is replaced, your power may not be back on.   

If your home has been damaged, we recommend that you get a licensed electrical contractor to check the integrity of the electrical installation in your property. 

For your safety when network power is restored, the WA Electrical Inspectors advise that you conduct a visual safety check on all external electrical equipment (including bore pumps, power points, external ground lighting) within your property prior to turning it on. If you find any damaged electrical equipment you must contact an electrical contractor to have the problem fixed. 

Power fluctuations may occur when power is restored, so it’s helpful to unplug sensitive appliances before reconnecting. When reconnected, turn on appliances one at a time, starting with lights and small appliances. If you experience any shocks, zaps or tingles report them immediately on 13 13 51. 

Kalbarri residents  

The WA Electrical Inspectors have mobilised additional resources to assist with inspections.  

Even once our infrastructure is replaced, your power may not be back on. There are additional steps that some residents and homeowners may need to take. 

If your home has sustained damage, please look for a tag or notification on the status of your electricity supply. This will be placed in the meter box, or at the front door if there isn’t enough space in the meter box for the disconnection tag.