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How is Western Power supporting local communities?


Logistical support and planning plays a large part in a repair and recovery effort as massive as this. We have around 200 employees on the ground in the Mid West and how we accommodate, feed, transport and keep them safe is always a priority.

As with all large events like this, we review, adapt and change as we move from response phase to repair and recovery. Reviewing our catering provisions at this stage of the recovery is part of our process to ensure its effective and works for our employees.  While we support local businesses where we can, it’s the reason we don’t have any formal contracts with local residents or businesses regarding catering.

With many crews now on the ground and more set to be deployed in the coming weeks, providing a meal allowance is logistically more effective, provides greater choice for employees and is normal business process. The allowance is detailed in our enterprise agreement and the rate is set by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). 


We’re committed to repairing and restoring power to all communities affected by TC Seroja as safely and quickly as possible. More than 200 employees are on the ground in Kalbarri, Northampton, Horrocks, and Port Gregory and this resourcing will continue until our recovery effort is complete. 

We’re supporting local businesses by sourcing accommodation in the impacted regions - and this will continue. Even though there are accommodation constraints, we’re able to accommodate all our employees, and no work is being delayed due to this.