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As a farmer, how will Western Power’s response impact my seeding and operations?

We understand that some farmers and agribusinesses are frustrated that damaged electrical equipment remains on their properties.

The scale of the damage has resulted in unprecedented logistical challenges and we’re working as fast as we can to address the hazards.

Never assume a fallen power line is de-energised. Electricity is extremely dangerous.

Each hazard that’s reported is assessed within the entire scope of network repairs, including the number of customers affected, poles damaged and the scale of work that needs to be completed to restore power.

We completed repairs on the Mungarra to Geraldton transmission line on 1 May 2021 as planned.

We’re now working on the Moora to Three Springs transmission line and aim to have it energised by 7 May. From there the focus will be the Three Springs to Mungarra line, and we expect to be in that area until around 28 May. 

In the meantime, we’re working with farmers and agribusinesses to see if we can adapt our schedule to meet any urgent customer needs.

We offer the following guidance to farmers to allow seeding to continue:

  • If you have damaged electrical equipment on your property, if possible please keep a path clear for vehicles to access, as per the normal route that Western Power vehicles access your property. Our largest vehicles are 2.5m x 12m. Do not attempt to move the equipment yourself.
  • If a pole / line is intact and remain standing (just bent / leaning): we’ll require sufficient space on either side of the line to drive a truck / elevated work platform. We may require space for a turning circle around the impacted pole/line.
  • If a pole or line is fallen: we’ll require room around the affected asset for trucks / elevated work platforms to navigate around safely, space for crews to setup for repair work and adequate turning circle for the trucks / elevated work platforms.

From a safety perspective, we’re reiterating to all customers: please stay 8 metres away from any downed poles or wires on your property. If you haven’t already reported any electrical hazards on your property to us, please call 13 13 51 (24/7).