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Cyclone Seroja

Cyclone Seroja

Repair and restoration will take a significant rebuild over a number of weeks in some areas, depending on whether parts or whole feeder lines have been damaged. 

While you may be able to return to your property, it may take time for normal electricity supply to return. 

Keep an eye on our regular Cyclone Seroja updates for regularly updated information related to your specific location. 

Even once our infrastructure is replaced, your power may not be back on.   

If your home has been damaged, we recommend that you get a licensed electrical contractor to check the integrity of the electrical installation in your property. 

For your safety when network power is restored, the WA Electrical Inspectors advise that you conduct a visual safety check on all external electrical equipment (including bore pumps, power points, external ground lighting) within your property prior to turning it on. If you find any damaged electrical equipment you must contact an electrical contractor to have... Read more

There are many variables that come into play when deciding what type of electricity network to build or replace in each area. Like all our decisions, we are constantly weighing up the community’s desires against our need to invest wisely when it comes to deciding on overhead and underground power. 

When overhead powerlines reach the end of their lifespan and need to be upgraded, the area is assessed individually and the safest, most reliable and cost-effective solution will be determined – whether that be underground or overhead. 

In areas with an existing overhead network, it is not... Read more

We understand that some people may wish to connect generators to their homes. You should only do this if it’s safe for you, the community and our crews.  

The network has sustained significant damage as a result of Cyclone Seroja, and in some areas it may take weeks to restore power. We understand that some customers may wish to connect generators to their homes in the interim.  

If your property has not been damaged, generators can be used as long as:  

they’re being used according to manufacturers’ guidelines 

the cord and generator are within specifications 

they’re connected legally (changeover... Read more

All of Western Power’s existing emergency response generators (ERG) have been deployed, some of which were already in the region. 

One ERG has been supplying power to Mullewa, since the cyclone hit.   

The ERG provided to Kalbarri, is in place, however due to the significant damage to the distribution network it is unable to be connected at present. We’re working on smaller power configurations to directly generate parts of Kalbarri and Northampton. 

 We’re currently assessing generators that have been supplying locations in the Geraldton town site for potential redeployment to the area north of... Read more

Western Power provides an extended outage payment to acknowledge community inconvenience during periods without power.   

The extended outage payment is usually $80 but has been increased to $160 for customers impacted by this weather event, either directly or indirectly. It is a courtesy payment and is separate from the disaster relief payments offered by the Federal Government.  

You can apply, once power is reconnected. To find out more and lodge a claim, visit our extended outage page 

You will need your meter number and bank details to do this. We can help you fill out the form over the... Read more

In support of Western Australians affected by the recent Cyclone Seroja, Western Power is waiving fees related to network connections and reconnections for residents whose properties were impacted. 

For residents whose property has been destroyed by the cyclone, we’ll be waiving the cost of establishing a temporary builder supply (if required), which can be up to $555. Where property or network connections have been damaged but not destroyed, reconnecting existing customers’ points and replacing meters will be free of charge as per our normal practice. 

We understand that some farmers and agribusinesses are frustrated that damaged electrical equipment remains on their properties.

The scale of the damage has resulted in unprecedented logistical challenges and we’re working as fast as we can to address the hazards.

Never assume a fallen power line is de-energised. Electricity is extremely dangerous.

Each hazard that’s reported is assessed within the entire scope of network repairs, including the number of customers affected, poles damaged and the scale of work that needs to be completed to restore power.

We completed repairs on the Mungarra to... Read more

We understand it’s an important time for your business and we assure you we’re doing everything we can to minimise the impact on your seeding schedule.

There is a significant amount of work that needs to be done to repair the transmission network from Three Springs to Mumbida, Three Springs to Mungarra, Mungarra to Geraldton and the distribution lines from Geraldton to Northampton and surrounds.

If we require access to your property, the following guidance is provided:

If a pole / line is intact and remain standing (just bent / tilted): we’ll require sufficient space on either side of the line to... Read more


Logistical support and planning plays a large part in a repair and recovery effort as massive as this. We have around 200 employees on the ground in the Mid West and how we accommodate, feed, transport and keep them safe is always a priority.

As with all large events like this, we review, adapt and change as we move from response phase to repair and recovery. Reviewing our catering provisions at this stage of the recovery is part of our process to ensure its effective and works for our employees.  While we support local businesses where we can, it’s the reason we don’t have any formal... Read more