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We work hard to keep the lights on however for a number of reasons your power supply may be interrupted, resulting in a power outage.

Often outages are caused by events outside our control. For example, during storms, branches and debris can be blown into powerlines, while during bushfires power poles can be burnt and powerlines affected by the heat.

We also carry out maintenance on the electricity network that may result in an outage.

Common causes of power outages include:

vehicle or machinery accidents

high winds, lightning strikes and storms

debris or vegetation hitting powerlines

animal life,... Read more

Pole top fires can happen when there is a run of very hot, dry and windy days followed by a sudden misty, cold front.

Humidity and light rain can combine with dust built up on insulators, resulting in tracks of dirt that can allow electricity to spark, in some cases eventually resulting in metal fixtures heating to a point that causes a fire.

We undertake an extensive preventative maintenance program on our network of more than 800,000 poles which includes siliconing insulators, high-pressure cleaning to remove built up dust, and managing trees and vegetation near wires. Siliconing insulators... Read more