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Accessing your meter

Western Power follows strict protocols when entering your property to read your meter. In some instances, Western Power will not enter your property or cannot access your meter box, which may result in your electricity consumption being estimated. When considering safe and reasonable access to your meter, please take into account the following:

the location of the meter box has to be accessible without the need to enter a neighbour’s property.

if the meter box or access way to the meter is locked, it has to be with an approved Western Power masterkey lock – available from... Read more

Your meter box houses a number of electrical components including the meter, main switch, fuses and circuit breakers, which control the flow of electricity into your home.For safety reasons it is recommended that all meter boxes be fully secure.

You can buy approved Western Australian Services (WAS) locks from licensed security suppliers, hardware stores and locksmiths.

Ask a licensed electrician to inspect your meter box if it shows any signs of burn marks, worn wires or a strange smell

Switch the power off at the main switch if you are doing any household maintenance or renovations

Label all switches, circuit breakers and fuses in the meter box for easy identification

Keep trees and shrubs away from your meter box

Install circuit breakers or a safety switch. Safety switches are mandatory in all new homes. They can save lives and prevent injury from electric shock

Check your safety switch every six months or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions... Read more

We follow strict protocols when entering your property to read your meter. If we are unable to access your property or your meter, we will leave a skipped read card which will state why this was the case. Examples of one of these situations is as follows:

Access is only achievable through a neighbouring property

The meter box is fitted with a private lock and not an approved Western Power masterkey lock

The meter is located behind a fence or locked gates, hindering access

There is a dog on the property or a dog warning sign on the gate

The meter is located inside a carport, basement, enclosed... Read more

Your reading was estimated as the meter reader could not access your meter. The estimate was made in accordance with the estimating rules set out in the WA Electricity Market Metrology Procedure.

Meter readers will only enter a property with a dog if the owner is there to restrain it. Even friendly dogs can pose a danger without their owners present.

No but you can contact us to obtain a copy of your annual read schedule.

Contact your retailer to arrange to become a self-reader.

Generally no as the meter readings are sent to the retailer overnight however, if you contact us on the same day as the attempted read, we may be able to help.

You can provide your own readings in place of the estimate, which will be subject to validation. Alternatively, you can book a check read through your retailer. 

Western Power’s meter reading processes vary slightly depending on the customer and the type of meter. Whether you self-read your power meter and need help with meter reading or want to know more about the manual read process completed by Western Power, you can find everything you need to know about the meter reading process below.

Manual read carried out by Western Power 

We will read your electricity meter either monthly or bimonthly depending on your tariff.

A meter reader will visit your premises and take the read. If it is not possible to take a read, they will leave a skipped read card... Read more

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