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Will I lose power while the new meter is being installed? If so, for how long?

We'll need to turn off your electricity supply for approximately 20 to 30 minutes to safely replace your existing electricity meter. If you're home while our team member is working, we'll let you know before switching your power off. If you're not available, we'll carry out the work and leave a card to let you know the job has been completed.
We understand it is difficult to be without power so whenever it is safe to do so, we perform our maintenance on a ‘live network’. However, on this occasion, we can only safely carry out this work with the power supply turned off.
Once the electricity meter has been replaced we'll undertake tests to ensure your electricity service is in safe and reliable working order. If a fault is detected with our service, it will be assessed and repaired accordingly.
In a small number of cases we detect faults related to the wiring on the customer side of the meter. If this happens, we are required by law and for safety reasons to turn off and disconnect the meter. If this occurs, you will need to engage a licensed electrical contractor to locate and repair the fault before the electricity supply can be restored.