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Do I need to get approval if getting or replacing a solar system or part?

You need Western Power approval if:

you are installing a new solar system, or relocating an existing solar system, or changing or upgrading an existing system or replacing an inverter.

But if you are doing like-for-like maintenance work or only changing PV* panels, then no application is required. 

Like-for-like maintenance work means it has the same maximum power rating, same phase, same quantity and/or has a Western Power approved battery (current CEC approval and volt var, volt watt, IEC 62116).

For all other work you will need to apply via our application page.

Please note - if you have a three phase connection and are replacing a single phase inverter with one greater than 3kVA, you now need to apply for approval. This is because, the new inverter will not operate at optimal efficiency.

*PV stands for Photovoltaics otherwise known as solar panels