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How do we share computer models with third parties?

We use DIgSILENT PowerFactory as the simulation software for all power system studies carried out in the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN). For more information on the PowerFactory version, please contact your Customer Relations Consultant or Access Consultant.

Request for computer model
Our Technical Rules clause 3.2.4 (b) state that the we may provide any information we receive to any User who intends to connect any equipment to the transmission system for the purposes of enabling that User to undertake any power system simulation studies it wishes to undertake, subject to that User entering into a confidentiality agreement with us.

The request for computer models can be submitted to us via email or other formal communication to your Customer Relations Consultant or Access Consultant with:

  • Details of the company requiring the computer model
  • Purpose of the request and intended use of the model
  • Nominated people that will have access to the model
  • Payment of the standard processing fee of AUD $500.

Once we received this information your Customer Relations Consultant or Access Consultant will give you a prepared Confidentiality Agreement.

Confidentiality Agreement
A Confidentiality Agreement must be entered into with us clearly stating the Purpose and the specific people who can access the model for the stated ahead of any modelling information being released by us.

In some cases, depending on the type of modelling information requested, we may need to seek consent from other Third Parties who have provided information to us under particular terms.

Once the Confidentiality Agreement has been finalised, we will issue the modelling information electronically to the nominated personnel identified in the Confidentiality Agreement.

Model content
Depending on the request we may provide only a steady state PowerFactory model or steady state and dynamic PowerFactory model. Dynamic models can often take longer to be issued we need to seek Third Party approval prior to issuing their models.