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I’m going on holiday, how can I preserve electricity?

Before you leave don’t forget to:

  • Turn your electrical appliances off at the wall – leaving your appliances on standby still uses electricity
  • Turn off timers – if you have any appliances (including your air conditioner), on a timer make sure you don’t waste electricity and money by leaving them on when not needed
  • Switch off the second fridge – if your second fridge is only used for keeping drinks cool, turning it off when you’re away is a simple way to save electricity

When you’re on holiday it’s easy to be energy efficient:

  • When you go out switch off the air conditioner - closing curtains and blinds will block out the hot sun and keep it cool inside without wasting electricity
  • Keep up your good energy saving habits – remember to not leave lights on and appliances on standby before you head out for the day
  • Beat the peak between 4pm and 8pm – if you’re staying in a holiday home help beat the peak by using major appliances (e.g. dishwashers and washing machines), outside of these hours

Source: Perth Solar City program 2012, for more information visit